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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Toothaches and oral pains can not only disrupt your life, but can also come at some of the worst times. Wisdom teeth can begin to cause immense pain when they are erupting within the mouth, and Dr. V specializes in removing your "third molars" to help you get your comfort back and stop suffering through  pains. Pain relief is a top priority since it can impact the quality of your day in many ways including your mood, your energy, and overall how much you are enjoying life. 

Typically wisdom teeth begin to emerge between the ages of 16 and 20, but some late bloomers may come in after. If your jaw is not large enough to accommodate the new teeth, their emergence can cause several issues to include the movement of your other teeth, pain, inflammation, bleeding and discomfort. Another common occurrence is called resorption, where the wisdom tooth places pressure on the tooth in front causing loss of both teeth. When your wisdom teeth first erupt you may not notice any misalignment or pain immediately, but it is still a great time to have them removed before they continue to come through your gums. Not removing your wisdom teeth can not only run risks of oral hygiene issues, but can also negatively effect your sinuses. The younger a patient is, the quicker and easier the extraction and healing process will be after wisdom teeth are removed so it is often encouraged to have them removed sooner than later. Wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure done under local anesthesia along with IV sedation based on patients preference. Fill out a contact form now to discuss having your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible!

Resorption Wisdom Teeth Example

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Dr.V San Antonio Wisdom Teeth Removal
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