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When you decide to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you are making a substantial investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial to select a highly qualified dentist to carry out the procedure. Although many general dentists now offer dental implant placement services, they often lack the necessary training and experience compared to more specialized dentists. It's important to research the credentials and years of experience of any dentist who performs dental implant surgery, regardless of their specialty.

There are different types of dentists who can perform dental implant surgery, each with varying levels of qualifications and experience.

  • General dentists typically lack in-depth knowledge and intensive training in dental implant placement and may only attend continuing education courses later in their careers.

  • Cosmetic dentists, while skilled in restoring dental implants, may not have received formal training in dental implant placement.

  • A periodontist has specialized training in diagnosing and treating problems with the gums, teeth, and bone, making them an excellent choice for patients with severe gum disease or bone loss.

  • A prosthodontist specializes in repairing and replacing teeth, especially with prosthetics like dentures and dental implants, and they are skilled in aesthetically driven treatments.

  • Finally, an oral surgeon is the most qualified dentist to place dental implants because they have received the most additional training outside of dental school and have both dental and medical training. An oral surgeon is the best choice for anyone with compromising medical conditions or highly complex cases.

Your choice in a dentist for your dental implants relies mostly on your preferences. When searching for a dentist don’t forget that their experience and skill matter, too. Schedule an appointment in our Oral Surgical Office in San Antonio, Port Isabel, Los Fresnos, Port Mansfield, Harlingen, Rio Hondo, Brownsville, San Benito, Raymondville, Combes, La Feria, Elsa, Edcouch, Weslaco, Mercedes, Donna, Alamo, Pharr, McAllen, Mission, La Joya, Rio Grande City and Sullivan Texas.

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