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What are Dental Implants & How Do They Work?

Your smile can have a big impact on your confidence and happiness. Modern dentistry techniques can give you the smile you want in ways never possible in the past, making it easier for you to achieve the look you desire. Dental implants are one of the most common ways you can replace your natural teeth, giving you functional new teeth the look and feel like natural teeth. With a new set of dental implants an individual will not only have a beautiful new smile, but will also provide benefits like the ability to eat different food again as well as other health benefits. In this blog we will explain the process of dental implant installation, as well as review the benefits.

What are the dental implants?

Serving as the roots of your teeth, dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone. The titanium in the implants will fuse into your jawbone, preventing slipping or movement, and prevent bone damage. Another benefit of dental implants is that the material used to create the implants wont decay like your natural teeth.

How are dental implants installed?

As a traveling dentist, Dr. Roberto Villarreal is able to perform a dental implant surgery at the dentist of your choice or at his home office Advanced Dental Associates. Dental implants are also knows as "teeth in a day", since the installation process can be done within one surgery. The healing process is typically what takes the most time, but can be well worth it when your smile is restored. The dental implant surgery typically will consist of removing damaged or broken teeth, bone grafting to prepare your jaw bone, then placing the new implants in. When installing the implants a cut is made to open your gum, exposing the bone, then holes are drilled where metal posts will be placed. Serving as the root of your tooth implant, its implanted deep in your bone. Once the base is installed a temporary crown will be placed while waiting for your new artificial teeth to be created and put in their place.

Are the dental implants permanent?

When choosing your new set of teeth you have the choice of removable or fixed implants. A removable implant is similar to removable dentures, and can be a full or partial option. With removable teeth a metal frame is attached to the implant abutment, snapping the teeth securely into place. This option allows you to remove the teeth for repairs and cleanings.

The other option is a fixed set of teeth, meaning they are permanent. With this option the artificial teeth are screwed or cemented onto the implant abutment, making it so that the teeth can not be removed. These dental implants are extremely strong and durable.

What do I do after getting dental implants?

Once your new teeth are set, healing is the most important thing, besides of course looking at your new excellent smile. There are a few things you can do while your mouth is healing to help the process go well. Practicing oral hygiene is important, keeping your artificial teeth and gum tissue clean. Special brushes are designed to clean between teeth after implants are set, making sure to keep the metal posts and gums clean. Attending scheduled dentist appointments for check up after your surgery is also important, allowing a professional to ensure the health and functioning of the implants is good.

If you want to know more about what procedures Dr. Roberto Villarreal is able to offer contact him now and he will be more than happy to help take care of all of your questions and needs. Click here to contact, or give us a call at 210-714-5589. Dr. V cant wait to help you have the smile you dream of.

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